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So don't take my word for it. I've cut and pasted the latest glowing testimonials from happy Luckie Ales drinkers (after shredding and burning the others).

The fact that you're reading this means that I'm not brewing at the moment but am actually updating my website for the first time in three months.

On 03/03/14 20:49, K.V. wrote: Dear sir,
I felt compelled to write you a note regarding a recent tasting of the 68 shilling. I've tried most of your beers through Cornelius in Edinburgh but have to say this one took the biscuit. Apart from bringing life back into a sometimes lacking historical choice in Scottish ale, the skill you have shown in how smooth and complex reveal in taste is incredible. One of my favourites hands down.

I've drunk craft beer for many years from all parts of the world, but how you make 7.5% so sublime and enjoyable, I don't know, but it's up there with the Belgians in strength and skill.

It's a joy to see Scottish heritage revisited and a joy to drink. I'm actually drinking it now on a third occasion this weekend. Please keep up the output and great work and I'll support it as much as I can.

Kind regards
K V (Dunfermline).

On 10/12/2013, Chris Mair of New Wave Distibution wrote in his blog Golden Pints 2013:
"...  Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer
Luckie Ales XXXP, made in January 2013 and drunk last weekend. Incredible ..."

From Dominic of Cornelius Beer & Wine, Edinburgh:
Cornelius review

Look up Luckie Ales XXP Porter on youtube for some light entertainment:

XXP Porter review 1

XXP Porter review 2

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